Affiliated to V.B.S. Purvanchal University, Jaunpur
Research Activities

Having adequate potential to facilitate the in campus research activities in campus, the institution provides the proper environment for the promotion of research activities by the teachers as well as research scholars, resulting as a continuous flow of publication of research articles and papers in the journals of national and international reputes. Teachers from the various departments are specialized and expertise in teaching as well as research activities. Having the post-graduation level of study in chemistry and zoology departments, these departments are pivots of the research activities.

A major research project up to Rs. 20 Lacs has already sanctioned by the DST and further successfully completed by the Late Dr. A.K. Singh from the department of zoology. Besides these, the teachers and scholars from the other departments are also active in carrying the research activities up to the certain level of excellence. 

S.N. Name of department Name of the teacher Area of research Number of research publications Number of Ph.D. students (awarded)
1. Botany Dr. M.Ojha
Dr. A.K. Pandey
Environmental Biology
Microbiology, Phycology
2. Biotechnolgy Dr. A.K. Pandey Microbiology, Phycology    
3. Chemistry Dr. R.N. Mishra
Dr. A. Kumar
Dr. C. Gupta
Enviromental Pollution
Organic Chemistry
4. Education        
5. Industrial Chemistry Dr. B.K. Singh (On leave)
Dr. S. Yadav
6. Mathematics Dr. T.S. Pal Fluid Dynamics    
7. Physics Dr. R.P. Tripathi      
8. Zooogy Dr. R. Kharwar      
9. Geography Dr. C.B. Pal
Dr. R.K. Pandey
10. Psychology Dr. R.C. Dubey
Dr. R.M. Tripathi